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Paradigm Shift in Infectious Diseases: Panel Discussion

Please join us for or a panel discussion on the:

"Paradigm Shift in Infectious Diseases", following the "Exhibition on the Scientific Method and Science Advances via Comics and Illustrations."

in Hayden Library, The Nexus (14S-130).


"Paradigm Shift in Infectious Diseases” showcases the example of evolution of ideas in science through the example of infectious disease transmission from ancient Greece to current times, and through the use of comics and illustration.  

The overall broader goal is showcase the scientific method in action and the non-incremental shift in paradigms in science through a range of historical examples, and to put in perspective shifts in paradigms in more recent times, for example in the public health application of infectious diseases and pandemic science.  

Project website: https://arts.mit.edu/projects/a-paradigm-shift-in-infectious-diseases/ 


Speakers and Panelists: 

  • Prof. Joel Gill, Boston University 


  • Prof. John Durant, MIT


  • Prof. Edward Nardell, Harvard University


  • Prof. Robin Scheffler, MIT


  • Prof. Carl Zimmer, Yale University



Panel Organizer:

Prof. Lydia Bourouiba, The Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory, Fluids and Health, 

Collaborating Artist:

Argha Manna, Humanities and Social Sciences, ART@IITGN, IIT Gandhinagar


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Please note that this event will be video recorded. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023
5:00pm - 7:00pm
14S-130 (The Nexus)
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